Since our last update things have been progressing well with the CD – although the whole process has taken much longer than we’d planned. Apologies to anyone who has ordered a CD, and thank you for your patience.

We’re now about to give the go-ahead to get the CDs printed. This means that our pre-order offer is now closed, but you can still order CDs at the full price of £5 – which is still a bargain if you ask us. See the end of this post for more details.

In case you were waiting for some concrete evidence of progress before ordering, here’s a photo of the CD sleeves that we’ve had printed. This image shows about half of them (the limited edition numbered copies) – there are another 100 or so un-numbered ones still in the box. It was much cheaper for us to buy them as die-cut and creased card for us to make up ourselves, so that will be one of our jobs while we’re waiting for the discs to arrive.

We’ve also ordered mailing labels to match, and finalised the design for the CDs themselves which we’re about to order. We’ve decided to go for CD-R discs, rather than pressed CDs, partly because of cost and partly because this is the first time we’ve done anything like this, so we don’t want to get it wrong and be left with hundreds of expensive drinks coasters. Burning the discs ourselves will be a chore, but gives us a chance to correct any problems as we go.

Regarding the content of the disc, we added a couple more elements to the interactive interview (including another Easter Egg), and have been hard at work getting the Italian pages up to scratch. We’ve also had the go ahead to include the Indonesian translation of Yeti Boots on the disc.

Finally we’ve been editing the commentaries for the individual comics. We’ll pick the best ones to put on the disc, then the second best, and so on until the CDs arrive and we have to start burning them. That should ensure that you get as much content as possible, but without delaying the CDs any further.

As you can see, it’s been a busy few weeks, and it’s not over yet. Remember we’re doing this in the hope of selling enough CDs to make The Greys self-sufficient, so if you enjoy reading our comics, please consider buying a CD or just making a small donation towards our hosting fees. You can use the buttons below, or visit our Tip Jar for more details:


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