Cheaper Ubuntu One tiers

A while back I blogged about a few bits of software which provided free versions, and paid-for versions, but which I felt missed the mark by overpricing the cheapest paid-for options. Amongst these was Ubuntu One, which offered 2GB of storage for free, or 50GB of storage for a fee.

I’m pleased to see that Canonical have now implemented a far better tiering system. 2GB is still free, but you can add to it in 20GB increments at $2.99 apiece. At that price, I may well use Ubuntu One as an off-site backup for my most important files (it’s still too pricey to justify using it to store my 200GB of FLAC files though).

Apparently they accept payment in British Pounds (GBP), but I haven’t been able to find a way to display their charges in that form. I’ve emailed their support people, but received nothing back yet. If I do, I’ll update this post with more details for any fellow Britons who might stumble across it. Their response is in the update below…


Here’s the reply I received from Canonical regarding the display of prices in GBP:

We currently default to USD for the prices. You can see the GBP price on
the checkout page. Once you sign up for GBP you should see that pricing
in the future. We’ll be changing this so you can set your preferred
currency but right now this is the best way to get GBP pricing.

At the time of writing the charge in GBP for each additional 20GB of storage is either £2.09 per month or £20.99 per year.