XUL Developer Wanted (UK)

The company I work for is looking for another XUL developer to work on remote XUL front-end code. The job posting is copied below, if anyone’s interested in applying:

We are looking to employ a XUL developer to work on our next generation of laboratory management software. This class of software is used to track samples and record results in all manner of laboratory environments, and as such it also deals with managing lab instruments, generating certificates, basic statistical analysis of results, and so on.

The position is based in the heart of the UK countryside, on the Bucks/Oxon border. Developers preferring to work from home are welcome to apply, but we have a strong preference for someone to work in the office on a daily basis.

The front-end software is written using remote XUL in order to allow for centralised management by our customers’ IT departments. The back-end code is written in C# and connects to SQLServer or Oracle databases, using IIS as the web server. This position is for a front-end developer.

The ideal candidate will posses the following skills:

* Experience in writing front-end XUL. Ideally with experience in XBL, templates and overlays.
* Strong Javascript skills.
* Familiarity with other web technologies, including SVG and Canvas.
* Strong HTML skills

In addition, the following skills would be useful:

* C#
* Gecko/Firefox development
* Extension development

PLEASE NOTE: This software is NOT Open Source. This is a proprietary product, built using XUL as a framework.

Applications should in the first part be made via email to [email protected] including a description of any relevant experience. Short-listed applicants will then be asked for a full CV, references, and examples of previous work.