And with that news I shed a tear

As I come to the end of another day wrestling with code in an effort to get it to run in Internet Explorer 8, I find this post about some real world statistics from a large UK healthcare site.

Internet Explorer accounts for 55% of the numbers…

With 47% IE8 is the most used browser, followed by IE7 with 24% and IE6 with 19%. IE9 only accounts for 10%.

So 55% of visitors are using IE, and 90% of those are on an old version. If people really must continue to use Windows XP (and I appreciate that sometimes there isn’t a choice), then please at least switch to a different browser… you know, one from a vendor who hasn’t abandoned support for your platform like Microsoft has. Until you do, your just helping to hold the web back for everyone else.

Ain’t That A Shame

…is just one of the songs from 1955 what would now be out of copyright in the US, if it weren’t for the retroactive changes to copyright law that have taken place since then.

The list of other works that, under the terms that applied when they were created, should now be in the public domain includes numerous classic films, books, paintings and songs. This article lists some of the most notable.

On the plus side, at least James Joyce’s works are now out of copyright in the EU.

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