Science fiction often depicts great technological advances that make our lives easier or more enjoyable. But I would rather risk the variability of Neelix’s cooking than face the repeatably identical output from a replicator. Yes, gadgets and technology can make our lives simpler, but it’s important to consider what we’re losing in the process. Sometimes the complexity we’re so keen to avoid is exactly what we’ll look back on with rose-tinted glasses in years to come. The grass isn’t always greener in the future.

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↓ Transcript
[Mr & Mrs Grey are eating breakfast]

Mrs Grey: Come on dear, it’s 8:55. You’ll be late to work.

Mr Grey: Oh don’t fuss so much — I’ve got four minutes yet.

Mrs Grey: And what happens if there’s a problem with the transporter?

[In the transporter room]

Mr Grey: You know sometimes I dream of a world without transporters.

A world where people don’t have to rush around in the mornings…

but instead can take a little time travelling to work in some kind of public transportation device…

where they can prepare themselves for the day by reading a book, or listening to some music.

Mr Grey: Or perhaps they would travel in smaller pods — just one or two
people at a time — listening to the news on the radio, or singing along to their favourite songs.

Mrs Grey: Do you know what your problem is Harry?

You watch too much science fiction!